tired of juggling supplies on adventures with your pup??

Meet the Bestie Bottle – Your 32 OZ -All-in-One Solution for Hydration and Happiness on the Go!

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Durable Stainless Steel

Our Double Walled Insulated Stainless Steel keeps your hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours and cold liquids cold for up to 24 hours.

Two BPA-Free plastic lined bowls

A 7 oz and 8 oz bowl that screws on to the bottom of the bottle for ultimate convience. What this means for your bestie is clean water and treats every outing

Multi-use converting top

Use the top to drink from, share with a friend or take it off and convert it to a drinking mug.

Attention Pet Lovers and Adventurers! 🐾

Are your pup adventures constantly interrupted by the struggle of juggling water bottles, mugs, and bowls? We get it. That’s why we’ve crafted the Bestie Bottle – the ultimate companion for every pet parent on the go.


✨ Discover the Bestie Bottle Difference:

Are you tired of the stress of not being fully prepared for your pup’s needs during outdoor adventures? Our Bestie Bottle is here to change that! Say goodbye to hassle with our all-in-one solution.

  • 🌟 Multifunctional Design: A water bottle, a mug, and two bowls, all seamlessly integrated into one stylish package.

  • 💧 Hydration On-The-Go: Never worry about your pup going thirsty again. Bestie Bottle ensures they stay refreshed, no matter where your adventures take you.

  • 🌈 Express Your Style: Available in four stunning colors – Black, White, Pink, and Blue.

❤️ Join the Bestie Bottle Community:

Imagine the joy of worry-free adventures with your furry friend. Picture the convenience of having everything you need for your pup in one sleek, portable bottle. Bestie Bottle isn’t just a product; it’s a lifestyle. Join our community of pet enthusiasts who have embraced the ultimate solution for on-the-go pet parenting.



The Bestie Bottle is 32 oz.  More than enough for a day trip with your bestie.

The bestie bottle works for all dogs!  It is by no means a replacement for your bestie’s regular hydration system, but it is a convenient option for when you and your bestie are out and about!

The Bestie Bottle comes equipped with two bowls.  The 7 oz bowl comes with anti flip technology to keep the bowl upright around excited pups.  We recommend using this bowl for water.  The 8 oz bowl screws onto the bottom of the 7 oz bowl.  We recommend using this bowl for treats or food.

The Bestie Bottle is made from durable, high quality stainless steel.  It is double walled insulated keeping it’s cold contents cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12.

Our bottles are designed with your and your bestie’s saftey in mind.  Our stainless steel bowls are lined with BPA free plastic, ensuring a clean, safe drink for your pup and a stainless steel recepticle to keep your water clean and cold!

The Bestie Bottle multifunction top is designed for convenience.  You can screw the top open to drink or pour from, you can remove the top completely to drink directly from the bottle, or you can remove the top and flip it upside down and use it as a mug.