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Bestie Ball


Bestie ball  was designed to be more than a toy:

Natural rubber
Hold treats and snacks
 Stimulate your dog’s cognitive abilities
 Special toothed design to help to clean the teeth of your dog




Introducing the Bestie Ball!!

More than just a ball Bestie’s new Bestie Ball will be your best friends new favorite toy!

What is a Bestie Ball?

Bestie’s Bestie Ball is a 6 cm all natural rubber ball designed to capture your pups attention.  Constructed with your bestie’s safety in mind, the Bestie Ball will be your go to solution to keep your pup busy and engaged.  From playing fetch to stuffing treats into the ball to keep your pup busy, you will quickly wonder how you and your bestie ever lived without the Bestie Ball!

How it’s made

Made from extra tough natural rubber ensuring good elasticity and bite resistance, the bestie ball is also non-toxic and non abrasive, making it safe for your bestie.  Safety is always first with our products and you can take one look at its design to see the many safeguards we put in place for your pup!  From a hole directly through the center of the ball to prevent choking accidents, to its soft surface and unique design, making it safe for your bestie’s mouth. You can hand this ball over to your bestie and feel confident that they will be safe while playing with it.

With its toothed design, the bestie ball is great for your bestie’s oral health.  You can put your pup’s toothpaste in the grooves for a teeth cleaning session as your bestie chews and works to clean the toothpaste off the bestie ball.  These teeth can also be spread apart to stuff treats in.  This will help stimulate your dogs brain as they fish the treats out as well as condition your dog to love the ball for the rewards it associates with the ball during playtime.

Use the Bestie Ball to Bond with your Bestie!

The bestie ball is also great for a game of fetch with your bestie.  Using the Bestie Ball to play fetch with your bestie will encourage quality time between you and your pup as well as allow the dog to make an association between you and the ball that he or she is growing to love. Some of the benefits of playing fetch with your dog are:

  • It Improves Behavior and Enhances Mood
  • It Stimulates Thinking
  • It Strengthens Relationships.
  • It Relieves Anxiety.
  • It’s Good for You, Too

Using the Bestie Ball as your ball of choice for playtime will increase your pups engagement as your bestie searches for the rewards the he knows the Bestie Ball holds.

The Bestie Ball is perfect for active dogs who needs a fun way to pass the time.

Available in 3 colors, blue, green and red, there is one that everyone will love!!

The Bestie Ball makes a great gift



Material: Natural rubber

Size: 6 cm

Colors: Red, Blue, and Green

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs

Red, Blue, Green


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