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Bestie Bottle Bundle


Bestie Bottle

Bestie Bottle features:

Stainless steel technology.
Keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up 12 hours
Includes two detachable bowls with BPA-Free plastic lining
Easy to carry
The top converts to a mug
Dishwasher safe

Bestie Bottle Brush

The Bestie brush features:

Easy to carry
Perfect size to clean inside of your Bestie bottle
Clean hard to reach areas
Peace of mind knowing you and your bestie are drinking clean water

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Bestie Ball

Bestie ball  was designed to be more than a toy:

Natural rubber
Hold treats and snacks
 Stimulate your dog's cognitive abilities
 Special toothed design to help to clean the teeth of your dog


Bestie Bottle Bag

The Bestie bag is ideal for walking/hiking:

Holds the 32oz bestie bottle
Keeps your hands free
Extra compartment for poop bag
Adjustable shoulder strap

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🐾 Bestie Bundle: The Ultimate Companion for You and Your Pup!

Experience unbeatable convenience and savings with our exclusive Bestie Bundle! Crafted to cater to the needs of both pet and owner, this comprehensive set offers everything you need for hydration, playtime, and maintenance, all while saving you $15 on individual product purchases.

🌟 The Bestie Bottle: This 32 OZ stainless steel bottle is a versatile powerhouse! Equipped with detachable bowls for food and water, and a multifunctional top that doubles as a mug for convenient sipping. Available in four vibrant colors: black, pink, white, and blue.

🎒 Bestie Bottle Bag: Keep your hands free and style on point with our purpose-built bag. Specifically designed to snugly hold the 32 OZ Bestie Bottle, it features an adjustable strap for effortless wear as a purse or a cross-body bag, ensuring you’re ready for any adventure.

🎾 Bestie Ball: Let the playtime begin! Our interactive rubber ball isn’t just a toy—it’s a dental health essential. The textured surface with teeth-like grips not only holds treats for added fun but also stimulates your dog’s gums, promoting dental hygiene while they play.

🧼 Bestie Bottle Brush: Cleaning made easy! Our silicone brush is tailored to reach all the nooks and crannies of the Bestie Bottle, ensuring thorough cleaning. Dishwasher-safe and designed for convenience, maintaining your Bestie Bottle is now a breeze.

🐶 Embrace every moment with your canine companion and enjoy incredible savings of $15 when you grab the Bestie Bundle—a smart and affordable choice for convenience, play, and care!

Additional information

Bestie Bottle


Black, White, Blue, Pink

Bestie Ball


Red, Blue, Green


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